Altar Servers

It is "ready to go" for our new Altar Servers at the Cathedral, St Paul's Church, Brotenstown, Gainstown and Walshestown.  The Altar Servers have completed their training and we are very grateful to their parents and the sacristans for their help.  We hope that their time as an Altar Server will be a good experience for them.  We also say a big "Thank You" to our former Altar Servers and we wish them well in Secondary School.

Altar Servers' Prayer before Mass

Go before us, O Lord, in this our sacrifice of prayer and praise

and grant that what we say and sing with our lips

we may believe in our hearts,

and that what we believe in our hearts

we may practise and show forth in our daily lives.

Through Christ our Lord, Amen.


Altar Servers' Prayer after Mass

Bless, O Lord, our hearts and minds

and grant that as we leave your house

we may continue to be aware of your presence, Amen.


Caring for our children

Our parish has its own child protection policy. Click here to download the policy.

Maeve Corroon and Linda Duncan are our Parish Representatives.  Their role is to promote the safeguarding of children by:

  • raising awareness of what is involved in safeguarding children
  • disseminating information on the policy and procedures for safeguarding children
  • ensuring that activities run within the parish are provided in a manner which ensures the safety and well-being of the children involved
  • providing support, assistance and arranging for training for parish volunteers working with children
  • reporting to the Designated Person any concerns, suspicions or allegations of abuse for referral to the relevant authorities
  • ensuring that the contact details of the Designated Person are widely publicised
  • overseeing the implementation of this policy at parish level, carrying out an annual review and reporting to the parish clergy.

All volunteers are kept informed of best practice at parish level. This includes the use of declaration forms and 'sign in' books, as well as consent forms being provided by parents and guardians of the children wishing to take part in Church-related activities.

If you have concerns or disclosures or any such information relating to clergy, staff or volunteers in our parish, contact Marie O'Sullivan at or call 083-3175742.


Children's Gospel Stories

Children aged 5 - 8 years are brought to the family room in Saint Paul's Church where the Sunday Mass readings are explained to them in child-friendly terms by our team of helpers.

This project takes place on Sundays at 10.30am.  The new programme will begin again on Sunday 11 November 2012 for five consecutive Sundays, leading up to Christmas.  We hope that it will help parents to bring their children to Sunday Mass and to grow in the knowledge of Jesus.  We are very grateful to Helen and Mags for their help with this project.


Cathedral House Youth Team

Every evening, two members of the Youth Team assist in Cathedral House.  They are available to answer phone calls, make arrangements for parish meetings and provide information when required.  We are glad to have Jack, Adam, Luke, Gary and Oisin working with us and we thank them for their assistance.

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