cathedral snow

Snow is falling ... in the pages of the Scriptures


Some examples from the Book of Psalms

 "O Lord purify me, then I shall be clean;

Oh wash me, I shall be whiter than snow" (Ps. 51:7)

"The Lord sends snow white as wool;

He scatters frost like the ash" (Ps. 147:16)


And from the Prophet Isaiah on the power of God's word

"For just as from the heavens the rain and snow come down and do not return until they have watered the earth, making it fertile and fruitful, giving seed to him who sows and bread to him who eats, so shall be the word that goes forth from my mouth; it shall not return to me void, but shall do my will, achieving the end for which I sent it." (Ps. 55:10-11)


Thanks to John McAuley for taking this beautiful photo.  Parishioners are welcome to send us their photos so that they can be added to our parish Facebook page

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