Report on Parish Liturgy Team Meeting

The following is a summary of discussions at the pre Advent meeting, 18 November 2010 

Present: Bridgid, Sr. Therese, Maeve, Paddy, Valerie, Fr. Paul, Gerard, Marie, Aisling, Mary, Kitty, Magdalena, Eric, Marie, apologies from Carmel

After the opening prayer there were two warm welcomes given to Eric and Marie from the folk choir at St. Paul's. There was then a review of the September meeting. The issue of the vigil Mass was brought back up, and it was reported that there is no real mechanism in place yet and feedback on the issue has lessened, but it will be revisited in the New Year and kept in mind. It was reported that the parking at St. Paul's has gotten worse, and it was suggested that bollards be put up to prevent congestion. The children's liturgy at St. Paul's was reported to be doing very well and has been done three times.


The meeting then moved on to the topic of Advent. Fr. Paul put forth that speakers be invited to the weekend Masses as a way to make the help make weekend Masses a safe, enlivening place to combat the general air of depression in the community. Rev. Alistair Graham, Fr John Nally, and Fr Stephen Kelly have been invited to come, and Fr. Paul suggested inviting Mr Andrew O'Connell as well. It was suggested that the Loretto school choirs be asked to join in with music ministry during Advent. It was also brought up that Giovanna will be giving a Eucharistic Minister training session on December 9 which will also be in keeping with the positive message of the season. The Vincent de Paul collection was also brought up. It was suggested that they speak at the beginning of Mass so as not to override the <ass itself, and that the collection take place on the 12th of December, the second week of Advent. A "prayer in the marketplace" idea was suggested during the Advent season. A major point of discussion was the idea of an Advent anthem, a song which could be sung at all the masses in all the churches during Advent, and perhaps even taught in the schools. "Give me joy in my heart" seemed to have the most support, but it was also said that any other suggestions should be sent to Linda in the office.


The meeting then moved onto the topic of Christmas. The dates for the penance service are 22/12 @ 7:30pm and the carol service is 21/12 @ 7:30 pm in the cathedral. The issue of who will provide music as the vigil and Christmas day Masses was discussed. Carmel may be asked to contact musicians for the 6pm Mass. It was announced that the crib is being re-done, and last year's outdoor set-up was re-affirmed for this year. Valerie and Mary will talk about getting children involved in the 10pm vigil and 11am Christmas day Masses, perhaps during the entrance procession. There will be no evening Mass on 26/12.


The Eucharistic Congress meeting will be on 25/11 @ 8pm in the Park Hotel. A small group will discuss "How does Mullingar parish get ready for the Eucharistic congress?" Those interested are asked to RSVP to Linda.


Other topics discussed included:

-          The Feast of Christ the King

-          The night for parish volunteers on Friday 3/12

-          Adoration and Benediction suggested for the Pope's holy hour on the first Sunday of Advent.

-          The manner and reverence of approaching communion during Mass was discussed.

-          Fr. Paul told the group that a parishioner had suggested that in an effort to make Masses more child friendly, small children's missal books be set out so that they have something to read. This parishioner will hopefully be joining at the Eucharistic Congress Working Group.

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