St Brigid's Day

Thursday 1st February: St Brigid's Day
St Brigid, secondary patron of Ireland, was born c. 454 and was renowned for her hospitality, almsgiving and care of the sick. Her monastery was in Kildare.
Devotions will take place at St Brigid's Well in Cullion at 3pm. St Brigid's School will lead a walk to the well.
(Please note the water at the well is not suitable for drinking)


Friday 2nd February: Presentation of the Lord, Candlemas
We remember Our Lady and St Joseph bringing baby Jesus to the Temple where Simeon declared Him as the ‘light of the world'. Candles for use at home and in the church are blessed at all Masses. We say thank you to parishioners who donate candles for church use or make a donation for candles. The day is also dedicated to prayer for Religious communities.


Saturday 3rd February: Feast of St Blaise
Parishioners will have the opportunity to have their throats blessed on Saturday after each Mass.

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