Celebrating Mercy during Catholic Schools Week

As the Jubilee “Year of Mercy” continues, each person involved with Catholic education is invited to reflect on the call of every Christian to be merciful.


From the 31st January – 6th February students in our schools will be participating in various ways. The theme of “mercy” will be celebrated in artwork, in prayer and reflection and mercifulness will be explored during Grandparents Day. It is an opportunity to reflect on the direction we are taking and the Catholic values that we celebrate.


The picture above is one such example, where three of Loreto College’s students stand beside a beautiful collection of footprints. Each class in Loreto College was asked about how they encountered “mercy" in their everyday lives.  This question was asked to encourage the students to think about the “Year of Mercy”. Every student was invited to decorate a footprint of how they encounter mercy daily. They were encouraged to think of the impression they leave on others when their Christian faith inspires them to put mercy into practice.

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