Trocaire makes special appeal to Mullingar

Parishioners have been asked to return their Trocaire boxes this weekend to mark the end of the agency's annual Lenten appeal.

Eamonn Meehan from Trocaire was speaking at Masses in Mullingar.  He said: "Our Lenten appeal was about hunger this year and across Mullingar families took our Trocaire box into their homes and schoolchildren learned about life in countries like Rwanda. This goodwill means a lot to children like Domitille, the child on our Trocaire box this year. Because of support from people in Mullingar, Trocaire is helping her family to farm and to create a better future for themselves."

Trocaire's 2010 Lenten campaign highlighted the fact that world hunger has reached an all-time high. One billion people, or one in six in the world, do not have enough food to survive, a fact the charity has branded as scandalous.

"Everyone in the world has the right to food from the moment they are born but for one sixth of the world, hunger is their daily reality. Without Trocaire's support many families, who have nowhere else to turn, would be left to cope alone. Yet these families have the will and capability to overcome their poverty with a bit of support."  

"This year has been tough at home but time and time again Mullingar people respond to our appeals at Lent and continue to amaze us with their generous spirit and social conscience. This Lent people from Mullingar can ensure that families in extremely poor communities meet their need for food and their right to make a living."

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