Blessing of holy oils - Trust in the Lord's presence

From the Bishop's homily

"When the truth is painful, the second word that Saint John places before us - trust - carries even greater significance. John in his account of the last supper tells us that during the course of the evening Jesus spoke several times on the need to ‘trust in God still, trust in Me'.. He was aware that the events surrounding Hs arrest and His death on the Cross would shake the faith of His disciples to the core. They would abandon Him and, apart from John, only slowly recover their courage and heart. He had told them that ‘this must happen' but they were deaf to His words and their meaning.  So easily we can be deaf to the words and the call of Christ. 

Yet truth and trust go hand in hand.  Placing our trust in the Lord causes us to acknowledge honestly the truth of who we are; and sometimes that truth can only be borne with trust in the presence.  I encourage all to walk on this path of truth and trust.  As Pope Benedict has written, only in this way can the healing of hurt and the renewal of life in the Church bear fruit.  By treading the path marked out by the Gospel, by observing the commandments and by conforming our lives ever more closely to the figure of Jesus Christ, we will surely experience the profound renewal that is so urgently needed at this time.

Over these days of Holy week, making our own the words of Pope Benedict we are invited to especially reflect and ponder on this call. We seek to do so in with trust and perseverance in the Lord who our of love gave His life for the sins of all of us.

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