Priests renew their ordination commitment

From the Bishop's homily at Chrism Mass

"When a priest pours the waters of baptism on the head of the one being baptised he says ‘I baptise you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit'. The ‘I' he says is also the ‘I' of Jesus Christ. The same happens when he says ‘I absolve you....' or when he says ‘This is my body...'. In the saying of these words the priest touches a profound mystery about faith and about life. He gives concrete expression to the promise of Christ ‘behold I am with you always, yes to the end of time'. In this year dedicated to priests, Pope Benedict offered Saint John Vianney as a patron and exemplar to priests. He personified in his own life a living witness to this beautiful and powerful presence in every age and in every local community.

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