Remembering Catherine Kelly RIP

We pray tribute to a remarkable parishioner and we give thanks to God for Catherine's unique contribution to this parish.  We ask the Lord to grant Catherine the rich reward of her labours and to give peace to all who miss her most.

The following is an extract from Fr Padraig McMahon's words at the Reception Service in the Cathedral of Christ the King on Saturday 7 September:

There's a danger when we speak about someone like Catherine that we overuse or run out of adjectives and superlatives. There aren't enough for Catherine - "exceptional" is the only word you can use and if we listen again to the qualities listed by Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount, we find the pattern he gives us for leading a good life, Catherine measures up well.

Only Barry, Theo and Manus know the wonderful wife and mother Catherine was, only Paddy knows the daughter she has been, Jude, Edward, Patrick, Brid and Clare know the sister that has gone from them - the rest of us, her colleagues and pupils from school, the choristers and their parents here in the Cathedral, her neighbours and friends in Mullingar know the great, diligent, committed and hard working person we have gathered to remember and pray for this evening.

Her Catholic faith was at the centre of what Catherine did in school and in life. Sharing her faith with the boys she prepared for Confirmation or First Communion, directing the Cathedral Choristers on Sunday mornings and sharing her faith and great musical gift with the boys were just two practical expressions of Catherine's commitment to God.

Edmund Rice, founder of the Irish Christian Brothers and whose portrait Catherine passed each day in St Mary's Primary School once wrote:

"Let us do ever so little for God, we will be sure He will never forget it, nor let it pass un-rewarded. How many of our actions are lost for want of applying them to this end, and were we to know the merit and value of only going from one street to another to serve a neighbour for the love of God, we should prize it more than Gold or Silver.... One thing you may be sure of, that whilst you work for God, whether you succeed or not, He will amply reward you."

Catherine, many God reward you for your witness and example, for your goodness and your love; and may he grant comfort, strength and hope to all who loved you in life and will miss you, Amen.



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