Parish Liturgy Team Meeting

The meeting on 6 November 2012 examined a number of matters, including the promotion of congregational singing at Sunday Masses, as well as preparations for Advent and Christmas.

It is also proposed that, when a funeral is scheduled for St Paul's Church, the daily Mass will be transferred to the funeral Mass.  The Liturgy Team appreciates the benefits of this proposal, particularly the presence of the community of faith gathering for the funeral of a parishioner from the locality.  The regular attendees at daily Mass in St Paul's Church will be consulted and encouraged to support the proposal.

A recent article by Fr Brendan Leahy on the Year of Faith was circulated and discussed.  All agree on the need for the parish to make a top priority of teaching faith.  Fr Leahy's article identifies three tasks for the Year of Faith - proclaiming the Gospel, growing in the knowledge of faith, and bearing witness.  It was decided that the Liturgy Team will assist the parish's work for the Year of Faith, beginning with a discussion on the first task - proclaiming the Gospel - at the next meeting on Tuesday 4 December at 7.30pm. 

Click here for a copy of the minutes of the meeting.

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