Enrolment for First Holy Communion

This weekend we welcome children enrolling for First Holy Communion in our parish. Today the families make a commitment to

 Teach their child the Prayers from Alive-O

 Pray with their child at home

 Bring their child to Mass each Sunday

 Discuss the Alive-O programme with their child.

Baptismal Certificates: Children enrolling for the Sacraments must be baptised; the parish is requesting Baptismal Certificates in the coming weeks. We thank all who are helping with this process.

First Holy Communion Registration meeting for St. Colman's School Wednesday 7.30pm in the School.

First Confession in First Class: This year children in First Class will be invited to make their First Confession. We hope that this will give the children and their families a chance to focus on the Sacrament and give the children an opportunity to receive the Sacrament a few times before First Holy Communion Day in Second Class.


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