Haiti thanks you for generosity

Sister Mary Hardiman has written to Bishop Smith, following the appeal in aid of Haiti which has raised €278,649 to date.

In her email, she writes "on behalf of the Haiti earthquake victims to express their deep gratitude for the generosity of the people of Meath Diocese".

Sister Mary describes the situation on the ground where she is working in Haiti.  "At the moment we have 150 refugees living in a school but some of them will be evacuated to a house given by a minister who had two houses.  The parish cooks two meals a day, usually with brown rice, vegetables and bean sauce.  Fr Alcide, our parish priest, gives pocket money to those who have nothing and uniforms to children attending school."

"Helicopters bring doctors and nurses to help the sick and injured.  The helicopter brings great excitement to a broken hearted people.  We have doctors from Brazil and we cope with several languages and everyone working together.  Only recently I experienced a happy story.  I met a Mum after Mass and she said her 3 year old was under the rubble for 3 days and she is alive."

The Diocese of Meath has already transferred €182,000 to Haiti through Sister Mary Hardiman and Trócaire.  Sister Mary asked Bishop Smith to send the remaining donations in smaller amounts on a monthly basis over the coming months.  In that way, the donations can be used beyond the emergency relief work and to help the project of rebuilding in communities.  Bishop Smith is extremely grateful to all who have contributed to the appeal, especially to the children in schools who took part in fundraising.

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