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Day of Prayer and 24 hour Fast

Preparing for Kevin Heery's ordination as a priest, the parish team at the Cathedral has organised a Day of Prayer for Renewal, accompanied by a 24 hr fast in solidarity with those who have suffered in childhood.  The vigil will take place on 6 - 7 October, marking the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  Various hours of the 24 hour prayer and fasting will have a reflection on each one of the mysteries of the Rosary. 

The Mass will be offered during the night and day, with a candlelight Mass at midnight and a Mass of Hope and Thanksgiving which Bishop Smith will celebrate at the closing of the vigil.  As you will see from the programme below, time will be dedicated to prayers for vocations and inviting young people to prayer.


24 hr Fast and Prayer Vigil, beginning Thursday 6 October

8.00pm           Service of Repentance

9.00pm           Prayer around the cross

10.00pm         Annunciation - Bringing Good News                         

11.00pm         Night Prayer

12.00am         Candlelight Mass of Healing

1.00am           Visitation - Reaching out to others

2.00am           Nativity - Christ born in humility

3.00am           Presentation in Temple - Coming to Church to pray

4.00am           Finding the Child Jesus in the Temple - Cherishing children

5.00am           Agony in the Garden - Prayer for all who struggle with life

6.00am           Scourging at the Pillar - For those persecuted for the faith

7.00am           Crowning with Thorns - For victims of injustice and oppression

7.450am         Dawn Mass for Forgiveness

9.00am           Carrying the Cross - For all who are heavily burdened

10.00am         Mass for all Survivors of Abuse

11.00am         Crucifixion - Remembering the dead

12.00pm         Angelus and Resurrection - Signs of new hope

1.00pm           Ascension - Looking forward to the future

2.00pm           Descent of the Holy Spirit - Invocation of the Holy Spirit

3.00pm           Chaplet of Divine Mercy

4.00pm           Assumption - Mary Mother of Hope

5.00pm           Coronation - Our Lady Queen of Peace

6.00pm           Angelus & Prayer for Vocations

7.00pm           Prayer for Young People

7.30pm           Mass of Hope and Thanksgiving


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