May the ashes bear fruit this Lent

Why this photo? Javier Hernandez prays on the sideline before every match.  We mightn't all be fans of the Reds but prayer is something Lent is all about.

Some other things of the "to do" list on Day 5 to Day 12 of Lent this week:

*Join us for Mass at 7.30am (Monday-Saturday), 7.30pm (Tuesday-Thursday) or 1.05pm (Friday)

*Guided daily prayer at www.sacredspace.ie

*Talk a little time to read the Gospel

*Find a Trocaire box-your help goes a long way

Next Friday - Our Lunchtime Parish Retreat

Starting at 1.05pm with Mass, the lunch hour in the Cathedral will be a time of guided prayer, reflection and peace. Take time out next Friday to join us for this quiet time, making sense of Lent.

Listening to the voice of the poor
Digna - the girl on our Trócaire box - lives in a community in Honduras. In her poverty and lacking of a safe place to live, her family and others have come together in a type of cooperative, building a real community. Trócaire is helping the people to realise that the solution is within themselves. This Lent we are invited to join them in becoming part of the solution.

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