Celebrating Baptism in our Parish

Baptisms take place every Sunday at 3pm.  They take place in the Cathedral on the first, second and third Sunday of every month and on the fourth Sunday in St Paul's Church. Due to the number of baptisms in our parish - it is not possible to accommodate the needs of individual families. 

If you want to have your baby baptised, please download the request form below and contact the parish office (93 48338).  Please note there will be no baptisms on Sunday 26th July due to cemetery Sunday in Ballyglass

Download ‘Baptism Request Form'

You will be asked to come along for a meeting and talk about the meaning of baptism.  This meeting takes place on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month in the Parish Community Centre.

Baptisms are celebratred as a community event. Visiting clergy are encouraged to join in the parish communal celebration any Sunday afternoon at 3pm and take part in the baptisms.

It is a delight to welcome the newly baptised into the community of faith.  Each ceremony is a special occasion and we appreciate the efforts made by parents and families. It is good if the godparents can be adult Catholics who will take an interest in your child as he or she grows up. Choose godparents who are likely to be around. During the baptism ceremony, the godparents will be asked to witness to their faith and give good example to the child.

"You have asked to have your child baptised. In doing so, you are accepting a responsibility of bringing them up in the practice of the faith. Will you tell them of God their father, Jesus their brother and the Holy Spirit who renews their lives?"


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